Sustainability is becoming more and more important to food manufacturers, including California Custom Fruits and Flavors. Below are some of the steps we have taken to improve our environment.
  • Every gas burning forklift in our facility has been replaced with an electric forklift.
  • We own a large inventory of reusable 200 gallon stainless steel tote bins for packing our products. In addition, the sanitizing system that cleans these bins utilizes recycled water.
  • For finished goods that aren’t packed into stainless steel tote bins, we procure FDA certified post-consumer resin and also recycled cardboard.
  • We recycle virtually all raw material packaging, including plastic pails, boxes, and bags.
  • Each and every light in our 85,000 square foot facility has been replaced with an LED light.
As a testimonial to our efforts above, we recently received the Environmental Innovation Award from the City of Irwindale for significant reductions in water and electricity usage.