As our name implies, California Custom Fruits and Flavors is a supplier of flavors to various segments within the food industry, including flavors for beverages, confectionary, dairy, and bakery. Specific to beverages, we supply flavors for sodas, sports drinks, distilled & brewed spirits, flavored milk, energy drinks, juice drinks, teas, and coffee creamers. When needed, our flavor development staff can provide applications work, including beverage formulation.

Our library of custom developed flavors includes water soluble and oil soluble choices, extracts, emulsions, and powdered flavors. Depending on the market being served, we provide natural, WONF, artificial, N&A, GMO free, organic compliant, and certified organic flavors.

If flavors that will be subjected to heat, including HTST, are required, our flavor chemists can formulate to a particular heat tolerance.

In addition to fruit and confectionary flavors, we have technology for sweetness enhancers to provide a sweet note within the label statement “natural flavor.” If there is a desire to mask undesirable flavors, including soy and protein notes, we have flavor modifiers as well.

Packaging choices for flavors include 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

We look forward to providing flavor samples for your next innovative food or beverage. In our well-equipped flavor development lab, art and science come together every day.