As our name implies, every product we supply has been custom formulated for a particular customer for a particular application. California Custom Fruits and Flavors does not supply off-the- shelf stock items. Our product development staff is made up of skilled technicians and degreed food scientists, who are extremely technical, but also creative. They are qualified scientists, but at the same time, culinary artists. Their application knowledge includes technical familiarity with cultured dairy products, frozen desserts, industrial bakery goods, beverage formulations, and food service applications. In other words, our scientists understand exactly how our products will work in yours. We have found that much success is achieved when our technologists are working directly with yours.

Our product development group is known for quick turnaround time on sample requests, and for completing documentation requests faster than the industry standard. Should a particular sample be approved, our pilot plant allows us to provide a small production batch to be tested on your factory line.

Although California Custom Fruits and Flavors is not a marketing company, we do have access to trend information from a variety of sources. Such trend support can be international or domestic, and can lead to many creative concepts. As a testimonial to this point, our product development group won an International Dairy Food Association award for the most innovative cultured dairy prototype, a fruit and vegetable yogurt. This was at a time before vegetables were being offered in mainstream yogurt brands.

Not only do we develop processed fruit bases, but also concentrated flavors that are supplied to various segments of the food industry, including beverage manufacturers. A dedicated flavor chemist, who is proudly certified by the Society of Flavor Chemists, is on staff to create stand-alone flavors and also to develop flavors that are utilized in our processed fruit preps.

On a daily basis, our product development experts are creating formulas for a multitude of categories, including organic, organic compliant, natural, GMO free, and others. We look forward to the opportunity to create something truly unique for your food brand.