California Custom Fruits and Flavors was founded in 1986 with an emphasis on the production of yogurt fruit bases. Today our product line is more diverse and includes several different categories:
  • Processed fruit bases for cultured dairy products
  • Processed fruits and flavors for frozen desserts
  • Fruit fillings for baked goods
  • Foodservice products
  • Flavors
We are located in close proximity to most of the ingredients sourced, fruit being the primary ingredient. Having an on-site freezer for this fruit helps to logistically control both quality and cost. Our facility operates with the most modern production equipment, including UHT capabilities. California Custom Fruits and Flavors is a value-added ingredient supplier, with pasteurization being the primary value that it adds to its products, thus ensuring food safety. Our technology places an emphasis on fruit particulate retention. To this point, pasteurized fruit bases are cooled using our proprietary Chilltech® process, maintaining fruit identity and extending shelf life.

Most of our processed bases contain added natural flavors, that are formulated and produced in-house from very basic components.

All of our products can be formulated from an infinite possibility of ingredient choices:
  • Sweeteners can be conventional, natural, corn derived, organic, non-caloric, etc.
  • Stabilizer choices include starches (modified or natural), pectins, gums, alginates, etc.
  • Color choices include natural, artificial, heat resistant, kosher, etc.
  • Flavors with characteristic descriptors such as ripe, green, fresh, jammy, etc.
DSC_0026 lemoncello_ice_cream