California Custom Fruits and Flavors is a highly regarded supplier of fruit fillings for industrial bakeries. This category would include products such as pie and cereal bar fillings, cookie and danish toppings, and fillings for toaster pastries. In keeping with our custom business model, they can be formulated from conventional or natural ingredients, to meet a desired specification. Of particular interest, are low water activity fillings for cereal bars, also known as breakfast bars.

Low water activity fillings do not require the use of preservatives and offer the baked goods manufacturer the advantage of extended shelf life for their individually packaged bars. Our product development staff can formulate fillings with a water activity below 0.68, or even lower, to inhibit the growth of yeast and mold, and to control moisture migration within the bar. The optimal water activity of the filling is achieved through the incorporation of certain ingredients and specific cooking procedures. To meet certain market preferences, our food scientists have a number of sweetener and stabilizer choices at their disposal.

The stability of the fruit fillings for bars and cookies while undergoing the baking process is of paramount importance. For that reason, California Custom Fruits and Flavors formulates these products to withstand a particular time and temperature while baking. To ensure their performance, every lot number of fruit filling is quality control checked to meet a particular bake stability specification before it is shipped.

In addition to fruit fillings and toppings, we also provide so-called binders for nutrition bars. These are ingredients that nutrition bar manufacturers use to hold their components, such as oats, grains, and cereals, together.

Although most bakery fillings are of a fruit variety, we offer several non-fruit fillings such as chocolate, caramel, vegetable, and others. Lastly, California Custom Fruits and Flavors supplies natural and conventional coatings, such as caramel, that solidify on a bar.