California Custom Fruits and Flavors takes great pride in the fact that over the years it has earned many awards as a testimonial to its abilities and commitments.

2000 Provided the fruit base used by a Canadian national yogurt brand that received the highest score in a taste panel conducted by the Vancouver Sun.

2003 Provided the flavor base used by a drinkable yogurt brand that received first place out of 13 brands paneled in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Taster’s Choice Contest.

2004 Won awards for best flavored cottage cheese and best flavored drinkable yogurt at the Cultured Dairy Products Conference hosted by the International Dairy Foods Association.

2005 Provided the cinnamon filling for the cookie that won the prestigious Retailer’s Choice Award for the best new product at the Food Marketing Institute Show.

2006 Provided the flavor for the energy beverage that won the CSP Retailer’s Choice Award for one of the year’s best new products.

2006 Received an Employers Group Award for Best Workplace Finalist out of 300 Southern California businesses.

2007 A member of the CCFF Product Development Team received a rare award from a national ice cream brand for “Superior Performance and Going Above and Beyond Expectations”.

2008 Received the highest rating, Excellent Gold, from Silliker for food safety and sanitation.

2008 Received a Southern California Energy Preservation Award for significantly reducing electricity usage by undergoing a comprehensive lighting retrofit.

2009 Provided the fruit fillings for the sandwich bars that won the VegNews “Best In Show Award” at the Natural Products Expo West.

2010 Supplied the flavor for the beverage that won runner up in the beverage category in the Vegetarian Times Foodie Awards.

2011 Received the award for the most innovative prototype for a cultured dairy product at the Milk and Cultured Dairy Products Symposium hosted by the International Dairy Foods Association.

2014 Supplied the fruit base for the yogurt that was named the best Greek yogurt in the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association’s Championship Dairy Products Contest.

2015 Received the Schreiber Foods award for Ingredient Supplier of the Year.

2015 Received the Environmental Innovation Award from the City of Irwindale for significant reductions in water and electricity usage.

2016 Supplied the fruit base for the yogurt that won Best In Class in the Yogurt Division of the World Championship Cheese Contest.